From remembrance with love

From remembrance with love (2016)
Genre: Drama

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” Marcel Proust

Plot Outline
The silence of a room in the dark is interrupted by Luis who looks at all the objects of that place. He, crestfallen, sits on the bed and contemplates an envelope addressed to him. Seconds later Román breaks in and sits near Luis.
In this room full of evoking memories, Luis and Román will begin their journey through a discontinuous time where words will mark the end of their love story, where they will be together for the last time. And by doing so they can say: From remembrance with love.

Antonio Escámez y Abdelatif Hwidar

Directed By
Álvaro Orfila

Screenplay By
Álvaro Orfila

Produced By
Tarannà films