Zirkus (EN)

Feature documentary, 2008.
By Giovanna Ribes

A circus is not only a show, but also a large community consisting of several families and nationalities. People from the circus was born, he has been married, has gone to school, they have learned their profession and they die in their small, nomadic city on wheels. But things are changing and new laws and other concepts of what a circus are emerging. ZirKus deals with “The great circus world”, one of circuses with greatest tradition and on “The circus great Fele”, which seeks new forms of expression.


  • Title: Zirkus
  • Genre: feature documentary
  • Nacionality: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Run time:55 min(TV)/ 86 min(cinema)
  • Recording format:HDV/ HDcam
  • Delivery format: Digi Beta/ 35mm
  • Aspect ratio:16:9
  • Color:color
  • Sound:Stereo


  • Written and directed by Giovanna Ribes
  • With Circo del Gran Fele y el Gran circo mundial
  • A production by Tarannà Films and Área de Televisión
  • With colaboration of Javier Diez