A land without evil

Feature documentary, 2011
by Ricardo Macián

Dr. Pilar Mateo, who is the inventor of a painting capable of eradicating the VINCHUCA; a bedbug that transmits Chagas disease, has been working with his team of vinchuqueros in the Bolivian Chaco for more than twelve years. A film crew moves now to Bolivia to inquire about the so-called “Chagas evil”. The complex and contradictory reality of a poor population who lives on a subsoil rich in natural resources, led to the Guarani Indians to claim their rights to recover the dignity; indispensable according to them to put an end to poverty and eradicate the disease that kills: the “evil of Chagas”. Why once identified this illness and after more than a hundred years still is an unknown and forgotten disease? Why does it affect above all to the poor and indigenous population? As doctor Pilar Mateo says: “the problem is not the evil of Chagas, it is what is behind the evil of Chagas”.


  • Title: A land without evil
  • Genre: feature documentary
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Language: Spanish, Guaraní, Mennonite German, English, Portuguese
  • Running time 55min (TV) / 86 min (cinema)
  • Shooting format: HD/ HDV
  • Delivery format: Digi beta/ 35mm
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Colour: colour
  • Sound: Stereo


  • Written and directed by Ricardo Macián
  • Assistant director: Giovanna Ribes
  • DoP: Pablo González
  • Music: Damián Sánchez
  • Sound: Xavi Mulet
  • Editor: Sagrario Perpiñan
  • Executive producers: Marisa Blanco/ Victoria Salinas/Paloma Mora/ Giovanna Ribes
  • Head of production: Giovanna Ribes, Paloma Mora, Victoria de Salinas
  • With the special collaboration of: Pilar Mateo, Margoth Segovia, Bárbara Saavedra, Joao Carlos Pinto, Cleto Cáceres, Abraham Gemio, Alberto Llanos, Franz Espejo, Johnny Banda, Javier Cruz, Luis García, Carolina García, Leticia Marqués, Tatiana Molina, Freddy Voque, Roberto Chávez, Ramiro Miranda, Miguel Ángel Cirbián, Yolanda Vallejos, Janette Rozado, Cornelious F. Reimer Familia.
  • Produced by General Video Productions
  • Co-produced with TVOn producciones and Tarannà Films
  • With the collaboration of ICAA, IVAC and TVV