Bach-Opin- Ha

By Marina Donderis


I In the deepest corners where hope hides
In the hard breething from the steep stairs of dreams
In the accurate eyes of not having direction
In the aligned and frivolous everyday routine
There is where I am not, where I don’t want to be
There is where I don’t want neither exist or remain
There is where I find the truthful need of vanishing
Sergio Martín


  • Title: Bach-Opin- Ha
  • Genre: Dance
  • Nacionality: Española
  • Running time: 45 min


Idea, choreographer and artistic direction: Marina Donderis

Choreographer assistants and improvisation: José María Tirado


  • Elizabeth Taberner
  • Laura Ruiz
  • Jose Maria Tirado


  • Primitiva vallejo – violonchello
  • José Madrid – piano

Music Bach/ Hayden /Chopin

Photographer: Maque Falgás

Audiovisual: 2 x 3 Espai Scènic

  • Giovanna Ribes
  • Concha Ros
  • Miracle Candela

Lighting design: Ximo Diaz

Sound: Salvador Creus