Bluemoon: Michaela & Eros (EN)

Video art, 2005-2006

  • AWARDS: PREMIS TIRANT (2007) Valencia / Best videoart
  • WHERE’S THE LOVE? (2007) Rumania


Rome, April 2005. The Pope is dead. I’m searching for a place called Bluemoon whose owner is Schichi and where an eros dancer performs evrynight. Rome is full of “cuaria eclesiastica” waiting for the Pope. Then I realized two, apparently different societies, join the joy of celebrating “la bianca fumata”: the bells are ringing while Michaela dances following the rhythm of Shakira in the Bluemoon.

Valencia, April 2006. The new Pope is coming. I remember Rome and I decide to edit an experimental video installation for 2 or 3 independent screens where I try to express my feelings about double morality related to religion and pornography. Then, another question emerges: will religion or pornography have such a strong effect on humanity without music or sounds? With out the usual sounds?

I decide to play with all this and the result is: BLUEMOON: MICHAELA & EROS.


  • Title: Bluemoon: Michaela & Eros
  • Genre: Video art
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Language: Italian
  • Running time: 7:50 min
  • Shooting format: DV Cam
  • Delivery Format: Beta SP / DVD
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Colour: colour
  • Sound: stereo


  • Producer, director, script and camera: Giovanna Ribes
  • Editor: Jordi Talens
  • Produced by Giovanna Ribes CB