Copyrigth (EN)

Set Design and Promotional Video, 2007
Written and directed by Ana Albaladejo

Do have Copyrigth our dreams? “I have a recurring dream: I approach an ATM with a balaclava when I face it, it becomes crazy and begins to release money from his mouth.” I doubt, look sideways. Finally, I open my hands and I receive the gift that the ATM is giving me. Then I run, I run, but I am not going to any concrete place, I’m simply running across rooftops and I feel free, I feel really free. Only one thing is clear: I can not be anywhere else until I’ve not been here. “And if I can’t find this place, it would be absurd to start looking for anywhere else.” Paul Auster


  • Title: Copyrigth
  • Genre: Experimental Theater
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Languague: Spanish
  • Running time: 60 min


  • Original idea and actresses: Maribel Bravo Cristina Núñez
  • Choreography: Cristina Núñez
  • Sound designer: Carre Moreno Petr Rimsky
  • Lighting: David Durán
  • Set designer 2 de 3 Espai Escènic: Concha Ros Giovanna Ribes
  • Audiovisual: Mariu Manfredi