Isabella of Castile Queen

Theather , 2005
By Rafael Gordon
Directed by Giovanna Ribes
Dramatized reading at SGAE-Valencia


Five centuries after her time Isabella of Castile tells us her story. The story of a woman who was Queen and ruled an empire through the European Renaissance. The Queen, that created what we know now as modern age and enabled the discovery of America, is contrasted with women suffering from solitude and incomprehension. Isabella of Castile is an emblematic, controversial, figure that arouses irreconcilable passions that magnify or disqualify her.


  • Title:Isabella of Castile Queen
  • Genre: Drama/ Monologue
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Runttime: 28:31


  • Actress: Helena Peydró
  • Lighting: Javier Quintanilla
  • Script adaptation and direction by: Giovanna Ribes