Kim & Co (EN)

Sitcom, a documentary series, a program of cooking / 2007
Original idea and directed by Giovanna Ribes

Kim & Co is a sitcom, a documentary series, a program of cooking.A divulgative series for television of 26 chapters of 25 minutes, with a touch of humor, directed to young-adult urban people.
Mixing the script with improvisation, it is a flexible and dynamic tv series with actors and guests in every program.
Our conductor is Kim, a girl born in Japan whose father is Valencian and whose mother is Japanese, and who has just arrived in Valencia. Her colleagues: Pilar, Cris, Raul and Ebò.
The aim of the series is to offer the viewer a fresco on the multicultural reality of immigration in our society. Entertain, amuse and provide an open dialogue, through international dishes, on the wealth of cultural and ethnic immigrants from Valencia.


  • Title: Kim & Co
  • Genre: Sitcom, a documentary series, a program of cooking / 2007
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Language: Spanish/ Valencian
  • Running time: 26min
  • Shooting format: Digi beta
  • Delivery format: Beta SP/ DVD
  • Ratio: 4:3
  • Colour: Colour
  • Sound mix: stereo


  • Ana Conca Kim
  • Cristina Fernández Cris
  • Pilar Matas Pili
  • Paco Trenzano Raúl
  • Iván Casas Tomasiche Ebó


  • Scriptwriters: Giovanna Ribes, Paco Ballester, Manel Gimeno
  • Script supervisor: Álex Herráiz
  • Music composer: Eso Studio
  • Director: Jordi Monzó
  • Art director: Jero Bono