Liquid, focus, oceans (ES)

Videoart, 2011
by Giovanna Ribes and Carlos Pascual
Lines, crosses, barriers, boundaries, travel. Travel without rest. Spots trapped in an invisible thread. Femininity. Masculinity. Hope. Melancholy. Shyness. Shame. Visual motion of water, countless trains, women of other landscape that will be part of this or that new landscape, mixing with the voices of other languages, with sounds of liquid from the dripping to the great and mighty flow. Of air that surrounds us constantly and we almost forget its sound existence. All this in a sound space of synthesis and images of the otherness, recorded between one world and the other.


  • Title: Liquid, focus, oceans
  • Genre: videoart
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Runtime: 10:03min
  • Shooting format: HDcam
  • Delivery format: DVD
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Colour: colour/ B&W
  • Sound: Stereo


  • Camera, image editor and graphics: Giovanna Ribes
  • Recorded at Valencia, París, Londres, Bolonia, Ámsterdam, Ligerz.
  • Bits of sound used for a post-production sound: Train samples and voices from Giovanna Ribes videos.
  • Other sounds are from the composer collection to desig this project.
  • A proposal by Cicle Art and UPV.