Rides & Wishes, people in cabs at New Year ́s Eve

Documentary, 2005
Several directors including Giovanna Ribes


A taxi driver is always a source of stories. New Year’s Eve and the long-awaited New Year full of expectations is an excuse to tour different cities around the world on a taxi, where, despite the differences, we discover what unites us as human beings.


  • Title: Rides & Wishes, people in cabes at new year ́s eve
  • Genre: documentary
  • Nationality: Several
  • Language: English, Spanish, German, Arab, Croatian, Chinese.
  • Running time 21:29 min
  • Shooting format: DVcam
  • Delivery format: Digi Beta
  • Ratio 4:3
  • Colour: colour
  • Sound: Stereo


Original Idea: Anja Jökel & Bettina Walter

Directed by

  • Frederique Barthalais (Beijing)
  • Patricia Caspari / Mariejosephin Schneider (Berlín)
  • Anja Joeckel (Hamburgo)
  • Rose Kowalski/ Madeleine Sheahan (Samoa)
  • Marie Offrell (Gothenburg)
  • Krik / Petschinka (Vienna)
  • Giovanna Ribes (Dublin)
  • Eva Rink (Zagreb)
  • Bettina Schoeller (New York)
  • Viola Shafik (Cairo)
  • Fernando Venturini Gónzalez (Caracas)

Editor: Annett Kiener

Title Design & Animation: René Nieman

Executive producers: Anja Jöckel & Bettina Walter

A Polar Star Films Production