Shortfilm/ 2003
by Giovanna Ribes


  • PREMIS TIRANT (2004)/ Finalist
  • VIVIR DE CINE (2004) / Finalist
  • FOCFERIA (2004) / Best shotfilm
  • AUTOR EN CORTO-SGAE (2005)/ Finalist


In a spa a young couple, a man and a woman, maitain a conversation of empty words that hide a world full of insinuation and failed attempts at closeness meanwhile they sunbathe. A woman in her room receives telephone calls from her ex lover, her lover and an unknown caller who has mistaken her number. These two stories intertwine and we discover that the apparent truths are not what they seem, that the woman in the spa could be the dream of the woman in her room, the woman in her room could be the dream of the woman of the spa. A photo in the room finally reveals that they are the same person in the same place but not the same life.


  • Title: Solitude
  • Genre: drama
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Language: Spanish
  • Running time: 18:30 min
  • Shooting format: Digi Beta
  • Delivery format: 35 mm
  • Ratio: 1.85
  • Colour: colour
  • Sound mix: mono


  • Woman: Lola López
  • Lover: Pep Sellés
  • Singer: Cristina Blasco
  • Guitarist: Bernat Pellicer
  • Drummer: Mane Paniagua
  • Double Bass player: Jose Pérez ‘ Parruski’
  • Waitress/Swimmer: Ana María García Pla
  • Photographer/Swimmer: Marcos Campos